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Why social media will help you sell more seafood online

autoreBy Angus Boweron 3 Aug 2016

Social media is one of the most effective digital tools online seafood marketers have at their disposal in 2016. It’s much easier than you may think to get started and the edge social gives your seafood business on competitors is well worth the effort.

Social media gives you the opportunity to engage with key contacts earlier in the sales cycle, maintain relationships with current customers, provide insight into your advertising success and build brand value. Now, you may be thinking that these concepts only apply to B2C organisations. The truth is social media is just as effective in the B2B arena. In fact, ‘94% of decision makers in B2B buyer organisations spend time researching products and services on social media…’ But if that doesn’t convince you, here’s a few ways social media can help your online seafood business. Social platforms allow you to:

  • Research leads online to better understand potential seafood buyers and their preferences
  • Engage potential buyers earlier in the sales cycle through social media networks
  • Connect with customers and continue your relationship to encourage further sales
  • Optimise SEO and social links to make your online presence easier to find and more accessible to a broader market
  • Use software like Google Analytics to track your marketing progress and measure what is and isn’t working for your business

There’s currently around 2.3 billion active social media users around the world - not a bad size audience for your seafood marketing. Not to mention one that’s relatively easy to reach. The difficult part is deciding which platform you should use. In China, the social media landscape is a completely different thing, but if you learn the fundamentals of social media marketing in the Western world, transitioning shouldn’t be too difficult. So to get started, below are the top 7 social media platforms businesses in a broadly global sense use for marketing:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Google+
  5. YouTube
  6. Pinterest
  7. Instagram

But getting the ball rolling with an online seafood profile on one of these platforms isn’t automatic. So have a look at some of these awesome guides to getting started on each of the platforms. After you’ve had a look through, try a couple of them out and see which one you think a) your potential customers and desired audience are on and b) you’ll be able to work with.








Now that you've got all the tools to start your seafood's online social media account, pointing your audience to your own online store is the next natural step and the good news is it's even easier.

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