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What do Chinese seafood buyers want? 5 things international suppliers need to communicate in their marketing

autoreBy Helen Gaoon 29 Sep 2016

Marketing seafood to China is a matter of more than just using a different range of mediums to communicate your usual message. What works in your local market may not do the trick in the home of the red dragon. Chinese buyers have a different set of values to the Western world when it comes to B2B seafood purchases.

Price is always going to come as the foremost motivator for purchasing. Though there is a growing trend towards quality being an equally important factor in seafood purchase decisions. And there’s a few other motivators outside of price that you need to be communicating in your Chinese marketing efforts - here are the top 5:

1. Product quality

Seafood from international locations like Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe are immediately considered of higher quality to Chinese buyers. Capitalising on this image is a key to growing your brand’s reputation.

2. Company credentials

This is a matter of building trust. Chinese buyers want to see that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to seafood and that you’ve sold successfully before.

3. Reliability after sale

Similar to company credentials, Chinese buyers want to know that they can rely on your brand to not only deliver on quality products, but also provide some form of support and communication after sale.

4. Understanding of the buyer

A major criticism Chinese seafood buyers have of Western businesses is that they spend too much time talking about ‘what they can offer’ and not enough time understanding ‘what the buyer requires’ and ‘what’s driving that requirement.’ Listening to online feedback and engaging in dialogue with your customer base is the best way to both understand your buyers and build a relationship with them.

5. Being easy to work with

On top of being a considerate business partner, personal engagement is a huge factor in Chinese B2B buying. It’s a key part of building trust and Western businesses that don’t engage outside of purely professional boundaries are considered unfriendly and untrustworthy.


So now that you know what marketing messages Chinese seafood buyers are looking for from international suppliers, selling to them should be a piece of cake.

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