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Social media top tips: be polite - 8 simple suggestions for seafood Twitter etiquette

autoreBy Helen Gaoon 15 Sep 2016

Twitter is widely becoming recognised as a powerful and popular business tool for global seafood businesses online. But there are still a lot of new users haphazardly tweeting and interacting with their social audiences ineffectively. Simply being on Twitter and putting your brand 'out there' isn’t enough to get you quantifiable sales results - and in some cases it can be damaging to your brand to not have Twitter etiquette.

So we’ve put together 8 simple suggestions to keep your Twitter manners up to scratch:

1. Make sure your shares are legitimate - before you share any content of your own (or from any other source) investigate it; always check and double check that the URL link leads to the right page.

2. Don't overload your followers - your seafood is amazing, your content is incredible and your pictures are unbelievable. But your audience doesn’t want to see the same thing 10 times in a day, so be weary that you aren’t always spamming the same stuff on Twitter.

3. Be polite, just like if you were offline - say ‘thank you’ if someone Re-Tweets you or Likes your post. It’s only going to encourage them to do the same again and increase your brand’s value.

4. Don't direct message a mass sales pitch - if you’re going to direct message your followers, doing it in bulk will seem like spam and some may block you. Save direct messaging for when you have a personalised message.

5. Leave controversial subjects for your personal account - unless it’s directly related to your brand or products, aligning your business to any side of a controversy can only do damage.

6. Don't shorten your own website's URL - even if it takes up valuable characters in your Twitter bio, your website URL is still an integral part of your company branding. As well as that, if it’s shortened to an unrecognisable link, people may not know clicking on it will lead to your web page.

7. Keep your bio current - there’s only 160 characters to work with on your company’s Twitter bio, so make sure every word contributes to something engaging and relevant to where your business is now. Also remember to include associated keywords to make finding your company through online search easier.

8. Have fun with it - even though Tweets are short, injecting some of your personality into them will grow your following and increase a positive association to your brand.

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