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Social media management: how can it help your seafood brand?

autoreBy Helen Gaoon 18 Oct 2016

In the world of seafood, juggling the large number of social channels your brand uses can prove to be difficult. Each social platform (Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) has its own specific population, and each requires a different “language,” so to speak. For Instagram, that language is photos; for Facebook it’s conversation and, more recently, video. Capturing and keeping the attention of your customers lies - at least partially - in building trust and brand loyalty through those social channels.

Your fish, lobster, and geoduck sales may live or die based on your success in this area. There is much at stake. With a wide array of tools at your disposal, it’s prudent to look at what makes each one unique, and see which tool fits your seafood brand best.


What it does: The most popular of the social management tools, Hootsuite allows you to communicate and execute campaigns across a large number of social media channels. You can plan, for example, to post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

How it can help: Using a tool like Hootsuite not only allows you to schedule all your posts in advance, it can highlight opportunities for promotion across platforms that may not have been previously apparent (ie. the post on oysters you pinned got 154 shares - perhaps you should send out similar communication on your other social channels).


What it does: Buffer is another social scheduling tool (and used by the Gfresh team!) and comes with a lot more insight and pattern scheduling flexibility. Many use Hootsuite to “listen” to social channels, and Buffer to schedule, simply because it offers analytics that will help you post during peak times of interaction. In short, Buffer will probably help you get more clicks on your content, whether it be newly available product, or seafood industry news.

How it can help: The time you schedule a post has a direct impact on the amount of likes and share that post will get. Any analytics that can help you maximize those interactions is extremely beneficial.


What it does: IFTTT (or, “If this, then that”), is a social tool that lets you build rules and automations around your social media communications. You decide the “recipe” for your social channels (e.g. “If I post a blog, send out a tweet”) and IFTTT makes it happen.

How it can help: Setting up “recipes” in advance reduces the amount of energy and time it takes to schedule posts across channels. And, after all, time is money. Using a social management tool will amplify your efforts, and get you the results you crave faster. Growing a community that aligns with your brand takes time, but with the help of these tools, hopefully that time is reduced, leaving room for the more important things (like getting your seafood exports out the door!).

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