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Online seafood marketing needs to be mobile optimised in China

autoreBy Angus Boweron 1 Aug 2016

Earlier this year, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released its 37th statistical report on Internet development in China. According to the information published in that report, as of December 2015, China had 688 million (50.3%) Internet users - half the population. To put this number into perspective, in 2005, the same rate of Internet penetration was just 8.5%.

But what’s also interesting to note from this is that of those 688 million Internet users, 620 million of them were mobile users (90.1%). On top of that, 71.5% of new users in the country are using mobile as their primary way of accessing the Internet. And even more staggering is that 127 million did so solely through the use of a mobile phone…

So what does this mean for seafood suppliers looking to the Chinese market?

For one, it’s concrete evidence that China’s populations are seamlessly integrating everyday life into the online spectrum - including their online seafood purchases. Secondly, mobile Internet use is far more inherent in China than in the Western world. Which means that if you’re planning on using the Internet to market your seafood brand in China, making your efforts feasible for a mobile format is essential. Imagine if you created an incredible digital marketing campaign, that looked amazing on your computer  screen and had the potential to turn 100% of its viewers into buyers of your seafood...but 90.1% of them couldn’t interact with it properly because they were using their mobile phones to view it.

Make your seafood marketing efforts mobile friendly. Missing out on this point could end up sinking even the most brilliant digital campaign when it comes to China.

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