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How does B2B seafood ecommerce level the playing field for smaller suppliers? 6 small business benefits to selling online

autoreBy Steve Williamson 28 Sep 2016

B2B seafood ecommerce evens the playing field for seafood businesses of all sizes and nature. Essentially we’ve opened access to a market of buyers for everyone, that’s previously been untouched by anyone. And because we’re able to offer B2B trade of any volume, suppliers of any size can be just as successful as any number of large and well established seafood companies.

So what are some of the specific advantages small seafood suppliers can expect when using the online marketplace to sell to the world?

1. Be a large business, but remain small

Online gives B2B suppliers the ability to create the impression of a much bigger business foot-print. Using social media, digital marketing and the online marketplace’s buyer network, small businesses can scale up their market presence globally and easily become high-volume international seafood exporters without changing their physical size.

2. Compete with the 'big companies'

In addition to the online market being unsaturated by a select few dominant brands, smaller businesses can also leverage technology to achieve competitive advantage. Affordable and easily integrated initiatives like digital marketing through WeChat allows companies to enhance their brand’s image, reduce operational costs and free up resources to achieve improvements in overall customer experience.

3. Work more effectively

Seafood trade has long been hindered by labour intensive processes like buyer networking, payment processing and logistics management. B2B e-commerce allows seafood companies to automate all of these through Gfresh, saving invaluable amounts of time and resources.

4. Speed up the sales cycle

With direct and immediate access to hundreds of online buyers in China, B2B sales processes have become automated, fast and simply actioned through the click of a button.

5. Save on lowered costs

Having all of your usual functions in one place online, like finding customers, processing payments or managing inventory, results in far lower business operational costs.

6. Improve your customers' experiences

Buyers, particularly in China, see how online overcomes the traditional issues with global seafood trade. Allowing customers to connect with your company using their preferred online channels and technologies will only increase your brand’s presence in the market.

The online marketplace gives B2B seafood suppliers the opportunity to be globally competitive. And with a tech savvy market of buyers like China constantly growing in hunger for premium international produce, the time is ripe for businesses of any size to become highly successful in selling their seafood online.

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