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How to do online seafood marketing for non-marketers

autoreBy Angus Boweron 26 Aug 2016

In talking to suppliers all around the world every day, one of the key points that seems to keep coming up about selling seafood online, is how to do the marketing properly. There’s a lot of information out there about fancy things you can do and try in your online marketing efforts. And the issue is compounded when considering marketing to foreign audiences like China. But if you’re just starting out as an online seafood seller, it’s best to start with the basics.

Online seafood marketing is a simple game and it’s one that can be played by anyone - if you keep a few things in mind:

1. Know your audience

You need to put yourself in the shoes of those you’re marketing to. The best way to approach any marketing strategy is to build a profile of your audience:

  • What’s their demographic? (Age, gender, race, ethnicity etc.)
  • What social media channels are they active on? (Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Weibo etc.)
  • What do they do each day - are they at a desk working or are they out and about?
  • What is it they want and how does that align with your business?

2. Only put out good content

This leads on from the first point; everything you do in your marketing should resonate with your audience and have direct value to them. Any marketing content you publish should be:

  • Purposeful - does it service your ultimate business goal?
  • Relevant - does it fit with the context of your business and industry?
  • Engaging - is it interesting to your audience?

3. Always be watching and improving

Marketing isn’t something that you do once and then leave alone…

  • Track - you can use software like Google Analytics to follow your online marketing efforts and see where and how attention for your company is generated. Social marketing company, Buffer, have an awesomely easy to follow guide on how you can make the most of online tracking - Check it out here
  • Measure - you should be able to determine how many people actually see your marketing and the impact it has on them i.e. conversions and engagements. Most social media platforms have their own built-in measuring functions, but you can also try something more in-depth like Google Adwords
  • Test and experiment - this includes everything from the design of your website to the time of day you send emails. It’s the only way to find the sweet spot at which your audience responds
  • Consistently optimise - use all of the information you’ve gathered from tracking, measuring and testing to make informed decisions on how and where you can improve your marketing. And do it regularly

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