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How can I use China's social media to market my seafood? 7 tips to optimise B2B seafood sales to China through WeChat

autoreBy Steve Williamson 28 Oct 2016

Known as ‘Weixin’ in China, WeChat is a social app not dissimilar to the Western world’s, WhatsApp - but much, much more. At the end of December, 2015, Tencent (WeChat’s parent company) reported that the application was home to 697 million active users - 200 million more than December, 2014.

It’s staggering how extensive that reach is.

But more so is the speed and ease at which Chinese consumers have started using the application and its functions in their everyday lives (like online payments and business communication).

What first started out as a simple chat application to exchange messages now encompasses free voice calls, image sharing, life updates and even the ability to pay for things via virtual wallet.

For businesses, it’s simple to set up and you’re given a digital QR code to display wherever you like - all users need to do is scan it to be connected directly to your business. They can then follow your online activity and even be contacted for special offers and updates...

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So how can B2B seafood sellers market their products through WeChat? Here's 7 tips:

1. Grow brand awareness

Use your WeChat account as a ‘home-base’ to leverage your Chinese marketing activities

2. Get personal

Direct messages to your customers or target market is a simple way to build a lasting relationship or Guanxi

3. Online in real time

WeChat users fully integrate their offline and online lives, so everything is in real time. That means if there’s a question from a potential customer, you should answer it straight away

4. Timing is everything

While WeChat users operate in real time, there are still optimal points in the day with a higher number of people online. Plan your sharing so that your marketing efforts occur during the times when the largest number of users is online

5. Don't overcomplicate

Keep your posts, updates and sharing nice and simple. Having little bite-size pieces of information is far more effective than long stretches of text

6. Sync with your company site

The app allows you to connect your company’s main website so every update you make there is automatically shared on WeChat

7. Stick to your brand identity

WeChat offers users a variety of templates to set up their account. Don’t be tempted to go for the easy route - you’re far better off taking the time to develop your own unique presence that’s in line with your brand’s image elsewhere

You’ve got a potential audience of 697 million people...Start selling them seafood now.

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