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Gfresh seller feature: Moon Enterprises

autoreBy Steve Williamson 19 Nov 2016

“Our focus is on maintaining a live, healthy product to endure flying across the world to our customers…”

Moon Enterprises Inc. prides itself on the highest quality produce, so they have some of the world’s strictest and most innovative holding facilities. They’re also major shareholders of fishing licenses in Canadian and American waters, so they can ensure their customers a constant supply of premium seafood.

The company has been one of Canada’s most prominent global exporters of live seafood since 1982. They’ve experienced success in the international market and have long been looking for a simple way to export their high quality seafood to demanding global markets like China.

Moon Enterprises Inc. will use Gfresh’s online platform to provide this simple export service. Their goal of delivering live and healthy produce to buyers across the world is something Gfresh is proud to help make happen.

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