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Gfresh China seafood buyer feature: Weijian

autoreBy Steve Williamson 17 Nov 2016

Ou Weijian is one of Gfresh’s wholesale seafood buyers. He’s been in the game for a long time.

As a seafood distributor in Shanghai and Hangzhou, Mr. Ou’s business, Yetian Aquatic, has witnessed the growth in China’s demand for premium global seafood. He’s also experienced the difficulties with traditional cross-border trading and for a long time struggled buying from global suppliers.

“Sourcing lobster and crab from America used to be hard because we couldn’t clearly see the supply chain...”

For Ou Weijian, purchasing American lobster and Dungeness crab online, direct from suppliers around the world is a powerful boost for his business. He’s now able to consistently provide his increasing number of customers in China with the highest quality seafood from around the world.

“It’s great being able to easily buy lobster direct from Boston, or Dungeness crab from Canada - my customers know the quality is there...”

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