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Get the most out of your seafood expo booth

autoreBy Steve Williamson 6 Sep 2016

From September 6 - 8, Gfresh is attending the 2016 Seafood Expo Asia and we have seen some great (and not so great) examples of seafood trade show marketing tactics.  

Attending seafood expos is a great way to build brand recognition, network with other professionals and ultimately generate sales leads.  Read below for our favourite do's and don'ts!

A peacock gets seen

We’ve all seen the ‘quiet’ seafood expo booth's that don’t get much traffic: A printed banner, a few brochures and the staff playing candy crush.  The total cost of attending expos is not only the booth, but also wages, plane tickets, hotel, opportunity cost, etc.

Don’t be drab and dress up in something professional, but fun…even a little crazy!  Consider a branded mascot for photo taking (Mr. Geoduck?). A giant stuffed-toy Abalone? Seafood Roulette?

Whatever will attract those eyes from centre aisle…post photos of visitors on your social media and tag your leads for them to share to maximize your seafood expo visibility...both on and offline.

Swag for being remembered: Make it useful, the more it’s used the better.  Branded sandals for summer, coffee cup for the office, USB drive with lanyard, anything can be swag-ified!

Present videos that are dual-subtitled in the local language & English to ensure everyone gets some info, whether is be a passerby or visitor.  Video explainers are great for this and can be outsourced cheaply through places like sure to check with the expo organizers what types of video displays are permitted.

Seafood expo lead generation

Think about ROI and how you can harvest as many leads as possible.  Having an active and sales focused staff can bring in leads.

Offering your business card as early as possible encourages leads to give you their own…and put one on the lead scoreboard!

Have unique incentives to stop by and sign up to your list: whether it be food, games, first buyer discounts, how-to guides, etc.

Give them several options for sign-up, some won’t give their email, but will sign up for Facebook or Linkedin, have your laptop or mobile ready to add contacts fast. 

Don’t be too aggressive, or too shy…start with a ‘Enjoying the seafood expo?’ and take it from there.  For this, hiring a local interpreter allows you to interact with a much broader audience. Learning some local phrases shows respect, even to those locals who speak fluent English. 

Stay close to the action 

Be sure to attend the networking events as these relaxed situations mean willingness to have extended conversations. Don’t be shy, as most want to be approached, or they wouldn’t be there! 

Stay at the seafood expo's official hotel, which will further extend your networking opportunities.

All in all, seafood expos can be a big revenue generator, or a huge waste of money. Think of ways you can stand out from the noise and convert. 

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