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Email - the online seafood marketer's strongest tool

autoreBy Angus Boweron 19 Aug 2016

First things first, email should be a seriously strategised and well executed part of your online seafood marketing.

Building a strong web personality and presence is just half the battle when you’re trying to convert web visitors into buyers of your incredible seafood. According to MarketingSherpa one third of website traffic is returning visitors - but the other two thirds are new visitors who never visit again. So you need a way to hook them onto what you’ve got, to keep them enticed and interested so they keep on returning to your website or online store.

In a recent report, the Direct Marketing Association stated that the ROI on email marketing is 3,800% and that 72% of people would rather receive email content promotion than social media. And when it comes to China, where personal relationships are valued highly in the business world, email is the best way to regularly communicate and maintain strong ties with your buyers and leads.

But to really put this idea to bed so to speak, we’ve pulled together 4 explicit and inarguable reasons why email marketing should be an integral part of your seafood brand’s online success:

1. It generates sales better than social

Even though social media, particularly in China, is the strongest way to be promoting your seafood brand and getting the word out. Email is still much more effective when it comes to executing actual sales. The reason is that emailing gives you a direct line of communication to personalise your pitch to the specific buyer’s interests and personality - not to mention continued communication for future sales.

2. It's an express route to deliver content

Writing a load of awesome content is great for building a reputation with your customer base - provided they visit your website. If you’re collecting email addresses from visitors to your site, you won’t have to rely on them to visit you anymore to read your content - you can send it directly to their inbox and still deliver the same impact.

3. Emails educate buyers and keep them in the loop

You don’t need to look at email marketing as simply sending a short electronic letter to your contacts. Here’s a few ideas you can use to mix up and execute emailing effectively:

  • Special occasions e.g. Chinese New Year
  • Re-engage customers who haven't bought anything from you in a while
  • Generate feedback testimonials from previous buyers
  • Newsletters to keep your contacts up to date on all the latest content you've published, whether it be videos, articles, infographics or blog posts
  • Follow up customer service to make sure buyers are happy with their purchases (this is a big one in China where buyers are heavily influenced by customer experience)

4. Emailing builds and maintains personal relationships

According to a Nielsen study link, 66% of online consumers prefer to buy from brands they’re familiar with. And emailing is the most effective way to familiarise yourself with buyers who are on the other side of the world. This is especially important and true in China where ‘Guanxi”link plays a vital role in business relationships.

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