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7 seafood digital marketing trends in China for 2016

autoreBy Angus Boweron 22 Jul 2016

While you may be looking to the broader world for markets to sell your seafood, China is without doubt one of the most promising for premium seafood exporters in 2016. And this is particularly the case when it comes to online selling as we’re seeing China’s market adopt digital seafood purchasing at a much higher rate and volume than anywhere else in the world.

So on that, we’ve got 7 of 2016’s top digital marketing trends for seafood in China so that you’ve got a leg-up on the competition:

1. Mobile commerce is growing

A report earlier this year released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) stated that 688 million people in China were actively using the Internet and that 90.1% of those people were doing so through mobile devices.

2. WeChat is king

We’ve discussed previously the benefits of WeChat (link), but leading on from the previous point, WeChat have made huge steps forward in optimizing their platform for mobile users. The platform’s developers know where its users are heading and the only way you can be sure that your seafood social marketing in China is going to garner results will be to make it mobile optimized.

3. Content is as important as ever

Chinese seafood buyers aren’t patient and they’ll be quick to move along from your brand if your content doesn’t catch their eye. Utilising your own voice and story is a sure way to capture an audience’s attention, but for the more adventurous seafood marketer, you could try things like interactive digital experiences like online competitions or engaging key opinion leaders to write about your brand.

4. Video is the future

Online video streaming in China is increasing year on year, and moreover in mobile viewing. In 2012, figures showed that 49.4% of Chinese online video viewers were using smartphones to watch video content, but in 2016 that number has gone up to 76.7%. It’s not just about making an advertisement anymore, it’s about delivering a message, targeting a customer, and engaging them through filmic means.

5. User experience needs to be the best

Online buyers aren’t willing to forego a pleasant purchase experience in lieu of convenience. You need to focus on understanding your customers’ sensibilities and be creative in how you engage with them, not only to get the initial sale, but also to foster a continued relationship that’s viewed not only in strict terms of business.

6. Social media isn't a trend anymore

While this is an article about 2016’s trends, the exception is that social media really isn’t really a trend in China - it’s an integral part of life. The simple fact is, if you aren’t marketing to China using social media, you probably aren’t going to be selling much either.

7. Focus should be on local

This might be one that comes as a no brainer to some seafood marketers, but you’d be surprised how many people try to implement the same marketing strategy in China as in their Western buyer markets. You need to understand your customers’ individual cultures and mould your marketing strategy to suit. And that doesn’t just mean getting on social media - on a more granular level, you then need to make sure your social media posts are suitable for your target. Have a look below at a stellar example from KFC in catering products to the local Chinese market - but don’t get any ideas about trying to sell bright pink lobsters.

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