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5 top tips for marketing seafood online in China

autoreBy Angus Boweron 1 Aug 2016

Seafood in China receives a lot of attention as an exploding market for cross-border suppliers. With a growing middle-class of affluent 'Dragon Consumers' (more than 300 million and growing by 10-20 million per year), demand and willingness to spend on premium seafood has never been higher. And online platforms like Gfresh provide a platform for suppliers to easily showcase their produce online and sell seafood directly to these Chinese buyers. 

But what about marketing your seafood online, drawing attention to your brand and steering potential customers in your direction? Not every seafood buyer in China knows the name of your company - but they should. 

There are a few key aspects to marketing seafood in China that make it a different initiative to any other market in the world. Taking tactics that you may have found success with in the Western world and trying to implement them simply won't work. So we've pulled together 5 top tips for marketing your seafood online to Chinese buyers:

1. Think local

'China' isn't one single market - there's an array of cultural differences from one side of the country to the other. So consider a different strategy for each region you're marketing to. 

2. Make technology your friend

It's a buzzing e-commerce market, that's why you're selling seafood online. But your marketing needs to be equally high-tech, which means everything should be optimised and suitable for mobile. 

3. Optimise for Chinese search

While similar Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics to Western marketing can be implemented, Google doesn't really feature in China at all. 70% of online searches happen through, so research into keywords and tags that are effective locally. 

4. Translations should be professional

Just like in English speaking markets, your words are valuable in China. Not only will an inaccurate translation 'kill' your marketing message, but it will also make any investment in SEO a waste of time. 

5. Customise social for the market

To sell seafood online successfully in China (the world's most digitally social population) then you need to be on social media. The Western world's platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube are banned in China. But luckily, the local options aren't that different and they're fairly easy to get started on...

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