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5 reasons why you should be exporting crab to China online

autoreBy Angus Boweron 15 Jul 2016

Online trade isn’t a new thing that only the fashionable populations do in China. It’s how most things are bought from outside the Great Wall and for a lot of seafood buyers it’s fast becoming the preferred way to purchase wholesale crab. On Singles Day 2015 (Nov. 11), Chinese buyers purchased more than US $20 billion worth of goods online over the 24 hour period - easily beating out North America’s one day record for online sales of US $3 billion on Cyber Monday.

Until recently, crab from premium overseas suppliers hasn’t been as easily available online for Chinese buyers. But even so, recent Chinese report findings showed that imports of crab have continued and business is growing. Add to this the fact that crab buyers in China are increasingly seeking information around who’s supplying their goods and you’ve got a market that beckons online’s simplicity and transparency in fulfilling cross-border crab purchases.

We’ve broken it down into 5 stand out reasons why you should be selling your crabs to China online:

1. China's growing market is enormous

China is the biggest market for seafood in the world and it boasts one the largest and fastest growing populations of affluent digital buyers. There are around 1.37 billion consumers in China and in June last year, 667 million (50%) of these were online, up from just 100 million (7%) a decade ago.

2. Buying online is becoming the norm

It’s the path that’s been determined as the country’s future in purchasing goods or produce of any kind. Online sales in China totalled US $590 billion in 2015 - up 33.3% on the previous year’s number. By 2018, it’s expected that more than 30% of the country’s total retail sales will be online.

3. Chinese buyers want international quality

They know the best crab in the world comes from premium locations like Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe - and they’re willing to pay premium prices. There’s even active initiatives across China (particularly in rural communities) to facilitate anyone and everyone’s online purchasing.

4. Online selling gives you greater reach

The online marketplace and integrated delivery fulfilment gives crab suppliers access to buyers not just in the usual wholesale markets, but also the vast numbers in surrounding areas. 75% of China’s affluent middle class live in second and third tier cities that would previously only have had access to to premium imported crab through middlemen in first tier cities.

5. It's easy

We’ve shown you the market is waiting, and you could be selling your crabs online in a matter of minutes.

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