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4 ways to gain the trust of China's online seafood buyers

autoreBy Angus Boweron 29 Jul 2016

It’s safe to say that China’s online seafood buyers are incredibly in tune with today’s technological sales tactics and digital marketing in general. So they’re quick to spot (and be turned off) a blatant marketing technique or obvious sales pitch. In general, they’re interested in buying from businesses built on genuine passion for seafood and customer relationships, rather than those that employ ‘tactics’ to sell more.

Of course every business uses marketing and sales to sell more, but what the point boils down to is your customers’ experience interacting with you. And since the Internet is your primary way of developing and optimising this interaction, we’ve got 4 basic ways you can build trust:

1. Develop relationships with individual customers

Who are they? What do they want? How can you deliver more to them? Interact so that it’s more of a conversation rather than a sales pitch. You need to find your customers’ personal stories and tailor seafood content and marketing tuned to their unique attributes.

2. Provide context around your communication

This is similar to the point above in that the message you’re sending to particular customers should be directly relevant to their needs. This is easy to do if you’re tracking purchasing patterns and customer behaviour on your website because you’ll have a treasure trove of data on what particular buyers are interested in. For example, you aren’t going to send someone promotional emails about lobsters if all they’ve ever bought is crabs.

3. Make yourself transparent

More and more we’re seeing seafood buyers around the world distrust ‘big business’ and this is particularly the case in China where consumers have had a lot of experience with poor local business conduct. You need to build your business’ online presence (whether it’s your blog or social media account/s) around its core values and show with honesty how you’re implementing those core values on a daily basis.

4. Make it easy for them

Online seafood buyers don’t want to navigate through long digital pathways to make their purchases. If you make it easy for them, by putting everything in one simple and accessible place, they’re much more likely to make purchases based on this convenience. Moreover, they’ll see that there isn’t anything shady about your business as it’s all there in front of them.

So now that you’ve got the knowledge on earning the trust of China’s online seafood buyers, why not start selling your incredible seafood to them?

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