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4 seafood blog headline templates guaranteed to get you readers

autoreBy Angus Boweron 25 Jul 2016

Having a blog for your seafood brand is valuable for numerous reasons; Google ranking, brand goodwill, generating leads, telling your business story, the list can go on and on. But when you think of constructing an article or story for your seafood blog, you’re probably most focused on the content itself - the body of work so to speak. But there are actually a few elements other than the long form text that are essential to a blog being successful - and a good starting measure of a blog being successful is if it’s actually read.

Once a member of your audience arrives at your website and clicks on your blog page, what’s the first thing they see - or the thing that instigates them to actually read an article? That’s right, it’s the headline. The headline is just as an important part of your blog’s effectiveness as anything else. It needs to be insightful, engaging, brief, punchy...and more. Basically, it needs to get whoever is visiting your site to be excited about reading further.

If you’re a smart marketer, you know that humans, regardless of what industry they’re in or what products they’re reading about, are creatures of habit. As a result of this, there are a few types or styles of headlines that consistently attract more readers than others. And guess what...we’re sharing them with you below so that you can try each of them on your own blog and see what works best for you:

1. Comparative headlines

Spiny lobster vs. Maine lobster, which holds the sweeter meat?

These types of articles are both really good for building your SEO (because essentially you’re talking about two hot topics at once) as well as giving customers exactly what they’re looking for in your product against another

2. Self-improvement headlines

The 7 best ways to cook a Dungeness crab

If you’re just starting out as a blogger, these headlines are for you. Not only does it promote your product and express your expertise, but it also hits on the human behavioural element of seeking the best on offer

3. Cost/price headlines

How much does Australian abalone sell for in China?

The body of work answering this question is going to depend on your unique sales approach. But by having such a niche area of interest and giving a direct and informative answer, anyone who searches for information on this seafood prices (whatever product/s it is you sell) is going to immediately find themselves at your blog

4. Shared problem headlines

5 common reasons why seafood bloggers fail

This style of headline is seen all over the internet across all types of products and subject categories. The reason being that it works. And there’s one key reason why; self-preservation instinct. Readers don’t want to be the ones experiencing the negative highlighted in the heading and reading the article will make them aware of how to avoid it

Remember though, don’t create a blog that’s just a long line of self-improvement headlines or shared problem headlines - people want variety. And even still, don’t restrict yourself to only using these four. Get creative with how you name your articles and play around with it to see what your audience responds to best.

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