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3 tips to telling your seafood's story online

autoreBy Angus Boweron 18 Jul 2016

China's online seafood purchasers place huge value on knowing why you love your product, what motivates you to sell it and most importantly, who you are. Storytelling is the best way to communicate these factors and it's a good start to building a strong relationship with buyers.

But not only is storytelling the best way to communicate your seafood brand, it should also be the easiest way for you as the supplier to express yourself. It isn’t about having a perfectly pitched sales speech or a suave marketing strategy. Seafood buyers in China are looking for the authenticity that comes with a supplier who has a genuine passion for their produce.

So when it comes down to telling your seafood’s story, the best thing you can do is relax and let your own experience and passion do the writing. But if you’re still worried about how your storytelling skills might weigh up for global audiences, here are 4 tips to constructing an awesome and effective online business story for your seafood:

Keep it current

Consistently change and improve your story as your business grows. For example, you've hit a milestone in sales, so add it to your business story. The more you rewrite and add to your story, the stronger it will get. It should be something that you visit on a regular basis to iterate and improve on.

Involve your buyers and be relatable

It's your story, but buyers want to know how they fit into that and what they're getting out of it. Whether it's quality, value or variety, whatever it may be, highlight the things your buyers want most!

Short, sweet and humble works best

Make it modest, to the point and simple to understand. You know your produce is great, all you need to do is tell them. Exaggerating doesn't make the product value any higher...

Use testimonies and quantifiable facts

Other people's opinions of your business are a powerful tool, especially for opinion led Chinese buyers. You can make it easy for customers to talk about your business to others by using some well placed facts like sales figures or growth patterns.

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