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Introducing the new Gfresh

autoreBy Anthony Wanon 14 Jul 2016

Just over a month ago, our product team was given the ambitious task of developing the Gfresh platform to create the simplest way for companies to buy and sell seafood globally. Today, we're excited to finally release some of the awesome features they’ve developed for our users.


We've rebuilt our website from the ground up with a focus on speed. should now be running much faster for our global seafood sellers. And with every upcoming launch, we'll be making the entire platform feel even faster.

A simple, cleaner user interface

We've been using the same design since our launch in early-2015, so things started looking pretty dated. We completely redesigned the look of our site with a focus on simplicity, consistency and readability.

Mobile first

We believe that in the near future, global wholesale seafood trade will be done through a mobile interface - the days of you sitting in front of your PC will be a distant memory. So with that in mind, our team's first decision was to build the new platform specifically with mobile in mind. The new Gfresh is not only optimised for, but actually better suited to viewing on your mobile browser.

Control all of your products online

One of the key features that we're releasing today is the ability for you to self-add your products onto the Gfresh marketplace. Not only that, but you can also control where you’d like to sell your products on our marketplace.

For instance, if you're a lobster seller, you can now add your products directly onto the Gfresh marketplace and select which cities you'd like to sell your lobsters into. 

You can select your packaging options and specify all available grades.

We’re also giving you the ability to instantly deactivate products that aren't in supply and reactivate them once they're available again.

Manage inventory and prices

Proactive about planning your exports? We’re giving you the ability to control your inventory and prices in advance for the upcoming weeks.


Many sellers that use Gfresh have multiple brands. Gfresh now gives you the ability to create brands, upload different logos and instantly assign products under specific brands.

We're already working on our next series of features and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store. Going forward, you can expect a steady stream of improvements and upgrades to Gfresh. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me directly at if you have any feedback/suggestions.

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