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Canadian company sells over 60,000 boxes of lobster on Gfresh

autoreBy Helen Gaoon 19 Nov 2016

Within two years of signing-up to Gfresh, Canadian independent seafood wholesaler, Do Lobster, have sold more than 60,000 boxes of lobster internationally.

60,000 boxes is the equivalent to approximately 1,990 tonnes of lobster. The online option to sell to global locations, such as China, has opened a huge market for Do Lobster and other small businesses.

How Did They Do It?

The Platform: Before Gfresh CEO, Reg Tang, visited Do Lobster in the Summer of 2014, the small supplier was well aware of its product's demand in China. However, it wasn't easy for them to directly reach the overseas market. Do Lobster's owner, Jason, saw the potential for his business to overcome this issue through Gfresh's online model and signed-up to begin his business' growth as a global seller.

Where are the buyers?

Finding buyers is one of the most important factors. With the demand for high quality seafood booming in China, Do Lobster was easily able to find a huge new target market for the company's produce. The business began selling on Gfresh and a few positive reviews later, the number of orders started to grow beyond expectations.

New sellers on Gfresh sometimes ask their current buyers to start buying through Gfresh. This kickstarted sales and gave buyers the additional benefit of using Gfresh's simplified sales platform - including its own quality inspection process and secure payment system.

Quality and pricing

Do Lobster supplies some of the world's best lobster. This reputation and delivery of premium produce has been key to the company's growth.

Pricing Strategy: Exporters of many products have found success breaking into foreign markets by using a lower initial pricing strategy. The same idea can be applied to seafood. Buyers who purchase produce at a low introductory price are sure to buy again once they've experienced the product's quality.

Rinse and repeat

Gfresh also offers benefits to happy buyers who repeat their business with particular suppliers. This works to increase the supplier's sales, but also, with a new review left after each purchase, it makes it easy to build up a strong reputation in the global marketplace. 

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