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What is the China Certification and Inspection Group (CCIC) and how does it help your business?

autoreBy Anthony Wanon 3 Feb 2017

CCIC is an independent authority accredited by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of The People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ). As a separate third party, CCIC’s global operations act as an extension of the Chinese Government’s regulation over goods going into China. This allows them to conduct official inspections, verification, certification and testing services on a variety of different imported products, with seafood being a key focus.  

In February of 2016, at the Australian Seafood Export Seminar, the China Certification and Inspection Group Australia (CCIC) signed an agreement with Gfresh, which will allow seafood exports to be cleared through Chinese customs before leaving Australia.  

Even under the historic China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, seafood exports from Australia still need to go through lengthy and complicated processes of customs clearance and inspection upon arrival in China.

But following the agreement signed between Gfresh and CCIC, Australian exporters on the online marketplace will be able to have their seafood inspected locally, prior to export. This means simpler, more direct seafood exports, with customs delays in China eliminated for Australian online suppliers.

In June of 2016, at the BC Seafood Expo, China Certification and Inspection Group Canada (CCICCA) signed an agreement with Gfresh that will allow for Canadian seafood exports to be cleared prior to shipment to China.

These two signings were significant events for Gfresh and the wider seafood community, helping to ensure the quickest and easiest trade route into China yet.

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