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9 reasons why supply chain transparency is a seafood business win

autoreBy Angus Boweron 15 Aug 2016

Supply chain transparency is an issue that spans far and wide across all global trade industries. People everywhere want to know exactly where they’re fresh food came from, how it got to them and who was involved in the process. And with seafood, buyers all around the world want access to that same information. However, until recent times it simply hasn’t been available.

There have been a lot of initiatives implemented to bring about transparency and traceability in seafood supply chains, but a lot of these have been hit with criticisms of being overly complicated, expensive and met with cries of “it’s too difficult” by suppliers.

But transparency and seafood traceability don’t need to be expensive or difficult. The Gfresh platform gives suppliers direct access to buyers in China and then provides a secure payment system, cold-chain logistics, customs handling, quality inspections and final delivery. It’s an entirely traceable supply chain managed by one transparent body.

And if all of that isn't enough for you, here are just some of the top reasons why supply chain transparency through the online platform is a business win for seafood suppliers:

1. Gives you the ability to tell your story

Every fisherman is proud of his or her own catch and being able to connect your incredible seafood with the story of your business is in invaluable business tool.

2. Opens new markets

All around the world, particularly in China, buyers are becoming more and more swayed by seafood quality over price factors. Being able to see exactly who and where seafood has come from draws a lot more business for your brand.

3. Bridges the gap between suppliers and buyers

Buyers at the online marketplace purchase directly from the source. When they can see that there isn’t a complex supply chain full of unnecessary middlemen, they’re much more motivated to purchase.

4. Builds trust with your market

Linking your consistently high quality seafood with your brand name builds a relationship with your buyer market and encourages them to convince others to trust your brand.

5. Distinguishes your product from others

With so many suppliers on the market, a transparent supply chain allows buyers to know exactly which products are yours.

6. Teaches you about your buyers

Traditionally when exporting overseas, a lot of suppliers were kept in the dark about where their seafood ended up. Whether it’s on a family dinner plate or in a high end restaurant, sellers now have access to information about who’s buying their seafood and what’s becoming of it.

7. Increases your market value

When buyers know how hard you worked to source your seafood, and that it’s of good quality, directly from a reputable location, the value of the product and brand increase, along with the willingness to spend more.

8. Allows you to analyse and improve

With quality inspections on the buyer side in China and completely transparent information throughout the supply chain, suppliers are able to assess their current methods and make improvements to things like how the seafood is packed or which freight-forwarder to use.

9. Gives real-time communication with buyers

Buyers are interested in who’s supplying their seafood and often contact sellers with questions. Being able to communicate directly is a good way of connecting with the market, building stronger business relationships and encouraging more sales.

Supply chain transparency is such a valuable factor in operating a successful seafood export business, not to mention the role it plays in improving the seafood industry as a whole. Integrating transparency through the online platform’s simple and direct model is an incredible asset to any seafood supplier looking to export - so why not get started selling online today?

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