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The Gfresh sales process explained in 7 easy steps

autoreBy Helen Gaoon 27 Sep 2016

How it works

The goal of Gfresh is simple: direct and uninterrupted global seafood trade. We connect buyers and sellers internationally through our  integrated online marketplace, logistics, customs and quality management. 

The buying and selling process

Gfresh is a complete end-to-end offering between buyers and sellers. Within one day sellers are able to register and have their produce available to anyone in the world.

1. Set up shop

As a Gfresh seller, you’re able to sign up to the site online, set your prices and showcase your premium produce for buyers to see

2. Buyers ahoy!

Buyers from anywhere in the world are then able to buy directly at either a fixed price you've set, or through Gfresh auction

3. Money matters

All monetary exchanged are done safely and securely through Gpay, Gfresh's escrow payment system, which holds funds securely until your goods have arrived to the buyer

4. Ship it out

After the sale, all you need to do is choose a freight-forwarder and they'll organise the shipment

5. Sit back and relax

From this point, Gfresh handles everything, including customs, quality inspection and delivery

6. Cool system

Within 30 minutes of arrival, your shipment is inspected for quality and recorded, before it is delivered by one of our own refrigerated trucks

7. Bankin'

Once delivered, Gfresh releases the funds from escrow and your sales transaction is complete

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