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Gfresh guide: getting started

autoreBy Steve Williamson 3 Nov 2016

The goal of Gfresh is simple, direct and uninterrupted global trade. We connect buyers and sellers internationally through our  integrated online marketplace, logistics, customs and quality management. 

The buying and selling process

Gfresh is a complete end-to-end offering between buyers and sellers. Within one day sellers are able to register and have their produce available to anyone in the world.

1. Set up shop

As a Gfresh seller, you’re able to sign up to the site online, set your prices and showcase your premium produce for buyers to see

2. Buyers ahoy!

Buyers from anywhere in the world are then able to buy directly at either a fixed price you've set, or through Gfresh auction

3. Money matters

All monetary exchanged are done safely and securely through Gpay, Gfresh's escrow payment system, which holds funds securely until your goods have arrived to the buyer

4. Ship it out

After the sale, all you need to do is choose a freight-forwarder and they'll organise the shipment

5. Sit back and relax

From this point, Gfresh handles everything, including customs, quality inspection and delivery

6. Cool system

Within 30 minutes of arrival, your shipment is inspected for quality and recorded, before it is delivered by one of our own refrigerated trucks

7. Bankin'

Once delivered, Gfresh releases the funds from escrow and your sales transaction is complete

Auction and MoQ’s


The Gfresh auction uses an innovative system to guarantee suppliers sell all of their lobster at the best possible prices. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Starting high

The auction starts high and slowly drops - the auction starts at a price 10% higher than the product’s listing at the Gfresh Marketplace and it’s dropped incrementally by 0.1 Yuan every 10 seconds, until someone makes a bid.

2. Jumping up

Each new bid raises the price higher - once a bid is made, the seafood price jumps up automatically by 1 Yuan and then begins to drop again from this new level. 

Each time a new bid is made, the price jumps up again by 1 Yuan and the auction continues in the same fashion. This means with more interest, the price can go very high, but still only drop at a slow rate.

3. Bid adieu

The highest bid wins - for a bidder to be successful, there needs to be two consecutive 10 second periods after their bid with no new bids interrupting the drop. Once this occurs, the most recent high bidder wins the seafood at their price and quantity.

4. Sold!

The auction keeps going until all seafood is sold - bidders are required to specify their desired quantity prior to each bid and they’re only awarded this quantity when successful. If there’s any seafood left to sell after a winning bid, it will continue to be auctioned, starting at the price where the last winning bid occurred. If there are no new bids for 10 consecutive minutes the auction will end.

Minimum Order Quantity (MoQ)

With Gfresh, buyer and seller MoQ’s are not the same!  

Buyer’s can order as little as one box. Once the consolidated buyers orders meet the sellers MoQ, the buyers will be notified to pay into the Gpay escrow system and the seller will be contacted to ship the goods, which will be split into smaller orders and delivered by Gfresh. 

New sellers often set lower minimum order quantities so buyers can ‘test them out’ and to begin the process of building your brand in the marketplace.   

Escrow & shipping

We use our own escrow system, Gpay, to assure buyers and sellers alike that their interests are equally protected in the cross-border trade process.

Here’s how it works:

1. Buyers purchase seafood

Buyers purchase seafood directly from sellers at the online marketplace

2. Funds are held in escrow

Transactions are consolidated and funds are held in the Seller's Gpay account in escrow

3. Seafood is freighted

The Seller sends their seafood via air freight and provides the Air Waybill Number

4. Seafood is inspected and delivered

Once products arrive, they're inspected, sorted and delivered to their respective buyers

5. Funds are released from escrow

If no mortality claims are made by the Buyers within 24 hours, the funds in escrow are released to the Seller.

Simple, right? It’s our way of guaranteeing that everyone involved in buying and selling seafood around the world can do so securely and fairly. 

Inspection & delivery

Inspection video

Gfresh has professional teams on the ground dedicated to inspecting and filming goods on arrival, reporting quality and managing claims on every single order.

Each video begins with a closed box, capturing the packer’s label and continuous filming as the box is opened for the first time, temperature monitor is retrieved (if applicable), net weight taken, product unpacked and product inspected. 

If dead product is discovered during the inspection, the animal must be flipped upside down (belly facing up) and scanned over slowly with the video camera. 

We make sure each video captures every necessary detail and if there are any parts of the procedures missing from a video, it’s considered an unqualified video.

Inspection reports

Inspection reports are created and checked according to very thorough inspection criteria. For instance, if an order is 5 or less boxes then the whole order needs to be inspected; if it’s more than 5 boxes, then 20% of the order needs to be inspected. 

If mortality rates for any single order exceed the acceptable default rate then two Gfresh inspectors are required to sign off on the inspection and sample size is doubled - that’s just to name a couple of the criteria. 

Claims report

If both inspection video and report are up to standard, the claims report is processed and sent via email. All those procedures will be completed and notified to the supplier and buyer within 24 hours of the shipment arrival. 

Well documented inspections encourage the supplier to carefully choose the right logistics provider to reduce the mortality and build their reputation. 

For more details on the inspection and claims process, please click here.

What does Gfresh sell?

Gfresh sells over 350 metric tons of seafood every month, and we're growing fast!

Live, fresh and frozen seafood are sold on the platform, with the most popular items being lobster, crab, shrimp, geoduck, oyster and salmon.

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